Rivian Vans Will Deliver Packages From Amazon

The American electric startup Rivian has received a large order from Amazon.

The Rivian delivery vans will transport packages from Amazon to customers. This global online shopping service has requested 100,000 vehicles.

The first 10,000 vans are expected to appear on public roads as early as 2022.The whole order of 100,000 units should arrive within 10 year, by 2030.

In such a way Amazon follows its plan to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2040. They strive to save 4 million metric tons of carbon each year.

This order is the most massive ever for electric delivery vehicles. To date, at least. So, Rivian has a lot of work to do.

In February 2019, Amazon informed it would be leading an investment round of $700 million into the all-electric startup from Plymouth.

It invested $440 million to speed up developments, joined by Ford in April with its $500 million. Ford Motor Company wants to use Rivian’s flexible skateboard architecture for a new electric car.

In September 2019, Cox Automotive invested $350 million in Rivian and, leaving it independent, plans to add a representative to the company’s board as part of the investment.

The first products from Rivian, which drew much attention of the public, are the R1S SUV and R1T pickup truck, both seem very promising.

Vans From Rivian Will Deliver Packages From Amazon_photo

Source: Amazon

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