US TOP 5 Best Selling Plug-in EVs In September 2018

The TOP 5 list of the best-selling plug-in electric vehicles in the US car market in September 2018 has been compiled by InsideEVs.

Chevrolet Volt

2,129 units sold last month and 13,243 units from January to September 2018. The 5th place both in September and in the YTD standings.

Toyota Prius Prime

2,213 units in September 2018, the 4th place. YTD sales stand at 20,523 units, good for the 2nd place.

Tesla Model S

The result of 3,750 units in September puts the car in the 3rd place. In the YTD standing it is also the 3rd with 18,395 units sold vehicles.

Tesla Model X

3,975 units in September 2018, the solid 2nd place. 17,575 Model Xs has been sold for 9 months of the year, which puts the model in the 4th place.

Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 is an undisputable Number 1 with record 22,250 cars sold last month and 78,132 sold from January to September 2018.

Sales in September 2018 in the PEV segment totaled 44,589 cars in the USA, which is a very good result for this country. All the winners (except for the Toyota) are American cars.

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