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US Large Pickup Segment 2018 Q2: Chevrolet Silverado Catching Up Ford F-Series

The segment of full-size pickup trucks is the largest in the US car market. Ford is a host here for a long time with its F-series, but the results of recent months have demonstrated an interesting trend: the Chevrolet Silverado is gradually catching up the leader.

In the first half of 2018 sales in the Large Pickup segment amounted to 1,152758 cars in the USA and grew by 2.9%. However, in the second quarter, the positive sale dynamics was already 6.1%, informs.

Though the new Chevrolet Silverado was sold with a plus in Q1, in Q2 its sales increased more: by 15%. This figure is higher than that of the Ford F-series, and the gap between models has reduced.

Truly, the first place is still far from the Silverado. Sales of the pickup truck in H1’18 amounted to almost 290,000 cars, while the Ford F-series (pictured above) exceeded the mark of 451,000.

Chevrolet Silverado

A new RAM Pickup started well at the market, it is the third (234,000 sales). The GMC Sierra became the fourth (99,000 sales).

RAM Pickup

Nissan Titan

The aging Toyota Tundra and the new Nissan Titan are at the fifth and sixth positions, but their figures are considerably less than those of the American rivals: 56 and 23 ths units, respectively.

Toyota Tundra

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