U.S. Electric Car Market Overtakes Gas Vehicles in 15 Years

Electric Car Market - 2020 Mini Cooper SE image

According to the latest survey conducted by MINI USA, the U.S. electric car market will be dominant within 15 years.

Recently MINI USA carried out a consumer survey to investigate electric cars trend toward mass adoption in the near future. The survey reveals that half of Americans expect the U.S. electric car market to overtake gasoline-powered vehicles within 15 years. Moreover, 80 percent of the surveyed people consider an electric car as their primary or secondary vehicle.

At the same time, though the majority of Americans (78 percent) drive under the range threshold of most EVs – up to 50 miles per day, slightly less than half of the respondents say the all-electric range is compatible with their daily driving patterns. 

47 percent admit that electric vehicles have become more attainable and affordable in the last 2 years. 32 percent of respondents claim they’d purchase an electric car within the next 5 years.

Younger consumers – 39 % of Gen Z and 41% of Millennials are more likely to consider buying an EV in 5 years. Compared to older generations, they twice more believe that electric cars are fun-to-drive.

As for regional differences, 61 percent of consumers in Western states are more inclined to believe that electric vehicles will overtake gasoline vehicles in 15 years. More than 50 percent of respondents in the West say they have become better informed about EVs in the last 2 years.

As far as we know, MINI slates to launch its last ICE-car in 2025, and go fully electric in the 2030s. So, this survey is not accidental: the company is ‘probing’ consumers and wants to get them ready for all-electric mobility.

2021 Mini Vision Urbanaut Concept image

With the presentation of the MINI Vision Urbanaut virtual vision vehicle, the MINI brand revealed an all-new interpretation of mobility through an innovative vision of space.

Interestingly, MINI has posted a teaser image on its Facebook page which promises “something thrilling” in October that we “won’t want to miss”. Now we’re wondering what it could be. Does the product MINI teases signify the start of transition from combustion-engine vehicles to all-electric ones? We’ll see next month.

Source: MINI USA

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