Toyota Supra’s Future Revealed: More Power And Differentiation

Toyota Supra’s Future Revealed: More Power And Differentiation

The Toyota Supra sports car will have more performance and differentiation with each next version.

Toyota’s spokesman has told of the plans for the model development.

The Japanese automaker teamed up with Subaru and BMW for its two latest projects – the 86 and the 2020 Toyota Supra.

Subaru has its BRZ, while BMW sells a third-generation Z4, which the Supra is co-developed with.

Toyota promises that each new version of the Supra will provide more performance. The 6-cylinder engine car will likely receive additional 50 hp in about 3 years, when it undergoes updates.

Some upgrades will possibly come earlier, like carbon-ceramic brakes, to make the model even sportier.

Despite wishes of the model enthusiasts, we shouldn’t expect a manual transmission. A roadster version won’t arrive either, because there is already such a model – the BMW Z4.

There will be more differentiation for the Supra. Toyota hints at many ideas they have for higher-performance future variants, Car and Driver reports.

The Toyota Supra, we remind, made its triumphant return to the Japanese automaker’s lineup this year. The production car debuted at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2019.

Currenly its retail price in the USA (the key market for the model) is $49,990 – $55,250.

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