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Toyota Supra May Receive a Manual Transmission

Some sources suggest the Toyota Supra sports car gets a version with a manual gearbox.

Toyota considers offering different Supra variants for future model years, including the stick-shift one.

Currently, the model comes with an automatic transmission only that is combined with six- and four-cylinder engines.

Reportedly, a high-performance GRMN model and the manual-transmission Supra are in the pipeline.

Previously Toyota informed that it had been testing the Supra MT prototypes.

According to rumors, the Supra GRMN will be powered by the inline-six engine with over 500 hp from the new BMW M3 on which it comes with the dual-clutch automatic gearbox.  

Now we can only guess which kind of manual gearbox the popular sports car will receive.

It may be the BMW Z4’s six-speed one or the transmission the 2021 BMW M3 also uses as an option.

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