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Toyota Summarized its U.S. Sales in 2019, Some Results Impress

Toyota Motor North America has reported its sales in December and the year of 2019.

Total Toyota and Lexus sales amount 207,373 units (-6.1 %) in December and 2,383,349 units (- 1.8%) for the whole year.

Total Toyota division hybrid sales grew by 56.7% in December and by 26.3% in Jan-Dec 2019. The company retains the top position in the hybrid segment.

Despite the overall sales declined, several models celebrated their best-ever sales in America. It is about Toyota’s RAV4, Corolla, Tacoma and the Lexus NXh. The RAV4 Hybrid has become the sales driver for the model: +213% last month, +92.3 YTD.

The models with the most outstanding increase in December are the Lexus UX Hybrid (+1550%), the Lexus UX (+326.7%), the mentioned Toyota RAV4 Hybrid (+213%), the Lexus LX (+165.1%), the Lexus ES Hybrid (+135.8%), and the Toyota Land Cruiser (+101.1%).

The models to show the best increase as of the whole 2019 are the Lexus UX Hybrid (+12935%), the Lexus UX (+3592%), the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid (+92.3%), the Lexus ES Hybrid (72.8%).

 The TOP 3 most sold Toyotas traditionally are:

  • RAV4 – 41,282 units in December – 448,071 units in 2019;
  • Camry – 26,309 units in December – 336,978 units in 2019;
  • Corolla – 23,742 units in December – 304,850 units in 2019.

The ES is the most sold Lexus: 5,025 units in December, 51,336 units in 2019.

The Tacoma is the best-selling Toyota pickup truck: 20,727 units in December, 248,801 units in 2019.

The Toyota RAV4 is the best-seller among hybrids: 10,127 units in December, 92,525 units in 2019. It is followed by the Prius with its 6,058 sales last month and 69,718 sales YTD.

Source: TMNA

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