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Toyota Sales Fall In America, the RAV4 Is a Headliner

Toyota Motor North America reported its sales for September and year to date.

The overall U.S. sales continue falling, albeit several models and the hybrid segment can boast sales growth.

Last month, the company sold 150,796 Toyotas (-15.5%) and 18,860 Lexuses (-23.3%). The figures for 9 months of 2019 are 1,569,751 (-2.5%) and 209,551 (-1.9%) units, respectively.

Lexus luxury SUV division celebrates the best-ever first three quarters: total sales grew by 2.1%.

In the hybrid segment, we observe the positive overall result: sales of both Toyota and Lexus totaled 23,339 units (+27.4%) last month, and 194,254 units (+19.6%) for three quarters of the year.

In fact, these figures are achieved largely thanks to the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, which is the best-selling model in the segment. It shows a significant progress: 9,146 sales in September (+101.2% !) and 62,991 sales YTD (70.0%). This popular SUV celebrates the best-ever quarter and first three quarters.

Other models, which can boast the best-ever Q3 result, are the Toyota Highlander and CH-R. The models with the best-ever three-quarters sales are the Toyota Tacoma and surprisingly the Mirai.

Sales leaders

The Toyota Camry and Corolla lead amoung cars: 23,338 and 20,354 units in September, 258,456 and 233,978 units in Jan-Sept 2019, respectively.

The top-selling models in the SUV segment are the Toyota RAV4 (34,886 units in September, 324,622 units YTD) and the Toyota Highlander (18,294 and 180,169 vehicles).

The Toyota Tacoma is the best-seller amoung trucks: 18,330 sales in September, 187,622 YTD.

As for Lexus, its leaders are the ES (3,320 / 37,896 sales) and the RX (7,162 / 76,170 sales).

The Toyota Prius comes second in the hybrid segment after the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. 6,164 cars were sold last month, and 50,258 cars through September.

The Lexus RX Hybrid leades among Lexus hybrid vehicles: 956 units (Sept), 11,117 units (YTD).

Source: Toyota Motor North America

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