Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Takes Away Customers From The Prius In The U.S.

The 2020 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid has become the most popular hybrid vehicle of the brand.

Sales of the Toyota Prius in the United States declined. Compared to last year, the model lost 37%. The launch of the RAV4 Hybrid is one of the reasons for this trend.

Over the past six months, Americans have purchased 29,241 Priuses and 29,319 hybrid RAV4s. Neither an e-AWD modification nor a lower fuel consumption of the Toyota Prius saved the situation.

Thus, among Toyota’s hybrids, the RAV4 Hybrid is the best-seller on the US car market. In addition, every sixth sold crossover has a gasoline-electric powertrain.

As for fuel efficiency, the consumption of the hybrid RAV4 is 40 miles per gallon, while the Prius has 50-56 mpg. Nevertheless, this fact does not influence the buyers’ choice.

Speaking about sales of Toyota Motor North America in the first half of 2019, we should note the increase in demand for the Tacoma pickup after the launch of its third-generation.

Toyota expects for sales to continue growing in the second half of the year due to the return of the Supra sports car, the all-new Highlander arrival and a few “surprises”.

Source: Car and Driver

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