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Toyota Launches “Runs In the Family” Media Campaign

To show how exciting a car trip can be, Toyota has launched a media campaign called “Runs in the Family”.

The all-new Toyota Supra, Camry TRD, RAV4 Hybrid, Tacoma and 4Runner models took part in the campaign among others.

In such a creative way the Japanese automaker wants to draw even more attention to diversity of its model range and demonstrate the vehicles funny, stylish, capable to go everywhere.

The developers are Toyota’s agency of record, Saatchi & Saatchi with Zenith Media responsible for TV and Outdoor media purchase.

The campaign consists of two linear TV spots: a 30-second “Short Cut” and a 60-second “Power Lunch”, both directed by Sebastian Strasser.

In the first a father–daughter duo turns a trivial ride to school to a thrilling action with participation of armored vehicles, motorcycles, a helicopter, an active volcano and of course the Toyotas – the RAV4, Supra, Camry TRD.

The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, Tacoma and 4Runner are the characters of the second video. It shows a group of colleagues who during their lunch break rappel skyscrapers, traverse sand dune, power ahead of an avalanche.

These TV spots will play across high-impact sports properties: NFL, NBA, NASCAR, NHL. They will also appear this fall during network premieres and movies in selected American theaters.

Consumers will come across key messages throughout the campaign on multiple media sources: Twitter, Yahoo!, Reddit, Facebook, Discovery, Thrillist, out-of-home media, original cable programs.

Besides, Toyota partnership include Pinterest’s first automotive sponsorship, Dew Tour’s “Beyond the Bib” custom content series, the re-run show “Friends”.

Source: Toyota North America

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