Toyota Has Introduced A Budget Yaris GR Sport Hot Hatch

In early October, the Toyota Yaris GR Sport small hatchback will premiere at the Paris Motor Show. The new car will be a cheaper alternative to a hot Yaris GRMN and should attract new customers who like sports cars.

Unlike the Toyota Yaris GRMN with a 1.8-liter 212-hp turbo engine under the hood, the Yaris GR Sport version is equipped with a 100-hp hybrid powertrain.

The ground clearance of the latter is 11 mm lower than that of the regular Yaris. Special shock absorbers and a more rigid stabilizer of lateral stability for better control add sportiness to the car.

The sporty look and personality are emphasized by a special body kit, a two-tone roof, a spoiler, black-сovered door mirrors, unique headlights and a black bee-honeycomb-shaped radiator grille.

The model has a special black and white trim inside, and the steering wheel is inherited from the Toyota GT86.

The information about the prices for the Toyota Yaris GR Sport is not available yet. The sports city car will be considerably cheaper than the full-fledged performance Yaris GRMN which costs over 30,000 dollars.

The sales of the GR Sport will start late 2018.

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