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Toyota Displays 7 Builds at SEMA Including Tacoma Concepts

Toyota has seven vehicles on display at the 2021 SEMA Show held these days in Las Vegas, including 2 Tacoma Concepts, 2 Tundra Concepts, TRD Sport Trailer, GR Supra Heritage Edition and GR Supra Sport Top.

This year, Toyota is showcasing seven vehicles at the SEMA Show. Let’s say a few words about each.

“Tacozilla” Tacoma Camper

This is a “micro-house” paying tribute to campers from the ’70s and ’80s. The Toyota Motorsports Garage team built this concept.

The vehicle features a bespoke frame, an aluminum exterior with rounded smooth surfaces and an insulated interior, a unique pass-through opening between the cabin and the camper structure. The floor is made of teak and is sauna-styled. There is a bathroom, an equipped kitchen.

Toyota “Tacozilla” Tacoma Camper image
Toyota “Tacozilla” Tacoma Camper

Tacoma Overlanding Concept

In collaboration with Cruiser Outfitters Toyota created its vision of an overlanding rig. The concept is based on the versatile Tacoma SR5 pickup. The vehicle is equipped with parts from such aftermarket manufacturers as Old Man Emu, Expedition One, ARB Summit Combo Bar.

They include an adjustable suspension, upper control arms, Dakar leaf springs, a bumper system, fog lights, rocker protection, and rock sliders, plus a Yakima rooftop tent.

Tacoma Overlanding Concept image
Tacoma Overlanding Concept

TRD Sport Trailer

This concept serves as a base camp to extend off-highway fun during towing by a Toyota truck or SUV. It features a remote scissor lift that lifts the platform some feet out of the bed, a Yakima 4-person tent with an awning, a fridge, a hot water heater, water holding tanks, a slide-out sink, a stove, and campsite lighting.

Toyota TRD Sport Trailer image
Toyota TRD Sport Trailer

GR Supra Heritage Edition

The 500-hp-plus GR Supra Heritage Edition returns to the show in the Re-Entry Red color, with custom retro headlamps and taillights, an MKIV-style rear wing, larger brakes, beefier wheels, engine tunings, a custom pushrod-style rear suspension.

Toyota GR Supra Heritage Edition image
Toyota GR Supra Heritage Edition

GR Supra Sport Top

This is an open-air tribute to the Supra models of the past with removable tops and a sibling to the GR Supra Heritage Edition. It features round taillights, an MKIV-inspired basket handle wing, reinforced big sections of the car’s frame, with no center bar down the middle. Now two composite panels of the roof can be stored in the trunk.

Toyota GR Supra Sport Top image
Toyota GR Supra Sport Top

Two Tundra-based concepts are also at Toyota’s booth at the 2021 SEMA Show. We’ve reported them separately.

Source: Toyota

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