Toyota Contributes In Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Popularization

A fleet of 27 Toyota Mirais has driven a milestone zero-emission one million miles (1.6 mln km) in London and suburbs.

The hydrogen fuel cell Mirai produces zero CO2 and NOx. They calculated at Toyota, that the fleet saved 206 tonnes carbon dioxide during 18 months of operation, that is more than four times each car’s own weight (7.6 t per vehicle over this distance).

The fleet belongs to the Green Tomato Cars private hire company. It tried 2 cars in 2015, and then added 25 Mirais more. The firm is the first in Europe to use such kind of passenger transport. It has already carried 80,000 people in the Toyota Mirai cars.

Every vehicle covers an average of 120 miles (193 km) per day, with average fare-paying trips of 8-10 miles (13-16 km). The Toyota Mirai’s running costs are comparable with those of the Prius.

Re-fueling takes the same time as a conventional gasoline car. Inspired by customers support, Green Tomato Cars has joined 25 Mirais to its fleet this month.

137 Toyota Mirai cars hit the British roads today in total. Emitting just water, they all will save near 412 tonnes of CO2.

There are 11 hydrogen fuelling stations in the UK. ITM Power, the largest operator, will open a new one soon. Bit by bit the Mirai gains popularity.

There are 21 cars in the Metropolitan Police’s ownerships. The County and City Councils, the Co-Wheels Car Club in Aberdeen use 32 Mirais.

Among the model users you can meet even University College London and Imperial College, Transport for London and JCB, as well as the Natural History Museum and Science Museum.

Next steps

The next-generation Toyota Mirai will be showcased at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show (October 24 – November 4, 2019).

Toyota will also unveil a production-ready ultra-compact battery electric model at the event to launch it in Japan in late 2020.

Toyota's ultra-compact BEV image
Toyota’s ultra-compact BEV

The Japanese manufacturer is going to expand its range of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. It has begun to prepare the local production of buses with integrated hydrogen fuel cell stack.

A new city model, the H2.City Gold, will be the first product made by Toyota in partnership with CaetanoBus SA.

H2.City Gold image
Toyota and CaetanoBus will make hydrogen fuel cell buses for Europe

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