Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla Set an Anti-Record in USA

Toyota Camry 2021 MY image

Sales of Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla in the United States in October were the lowest in 2021.

Sales of the Toyota Camry sedan in the U.S. auto market last month amounted to 17,691 vehicles. This is the lowest in 2021. For example, in March, Americans purchased 32,541 Camries. Sales in May amounted to 37,676 sedans. However, further demand for the Camry in the country only declined, setting a record in October.

The situation with the Toyota Corolla is even worse. If in spring dealers monthly sold 30,000 cars and more, then in October the sales amounted to only 8,420 units.

Toyota Corolla Sedan
2020 Toyota Corolla Sedan

By the way, the Honda Civic, a main competitor to the Toyota Corolla, in October also showed the worst result of the year, although not so collapsing. The Americans bought 13,399 vehicles, while in May there were almost 36,000 sales.

We don’t dare to analyze the reasons for the decline in demand for Toyota’s once very popular models. However, it is worth noting that the consumer interest in the Camry has dropped not only in the United States. The sedan is discontinued in the UK, although a promising hybrid version has recently entered the European market.

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