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Toyota Adds Four-Wheel Drive Versions for the Camry and Avalon Sedans

A versatile TNGA modular platform let Toyota engineers install an AWD system on business sedans without any technical problems.

The popular RAV4 crossover uses the same all-wheel drive system the updated Camry and Avalon now receive. Here AWD combines with a 2.5-liter gasoline ‘four’.

Thus, the Toyota Avalon will have a non-hybrid modification with the 4-cylinder engine for the first time. Only a V6 unit was mounted in the non-electrified sedan before.

Naturally, the four-wheel drive will increase the Camry’s weight. As for the Avalon, the AWD version will weigh as much as the above-mentioned V6 variant.

Does the Toyota Camry really need the all-wheel drive? Drivers who live in cold climate with snowstorms and snow drifts could give a reasoned explanation. In such weather conditions the system like this is rather a safety feature.

Like the latest-generation Toyota RAV4, the Dynamic Torque Control AWD’s electromagnetic clutch disables rear-wheel torque when four-wheel drive is not required. The maximum torque is distributed between the axles in a proportion of 50/50.

Toyota has once again demonstrated the flexibility of the TNGA platform. The installation of the AWD drive on both sedans did not require significant engineering efforts and design improvements.

The new Corolla and RAV4 ride on the same architecture. The TNGA allows the hybrid drive accommodation.

The Japanese automaker has already announced that the latest Corolla will subsequently be only hybrid.

The revised Toyota Camry will go into production in March and then arrive at dealerships. The Toyota Avalon will go on sale in the fall of 2020. This is about the American market so far.

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