Top-of-the-line Nissan Leaf Will Have An Upgraded Electric Motor

Director, Business Strategy & Planning at Nissan North America, Brian Maragno in his new interview has confirmed the new-generation Nissan Leaf will have an E-Plus top version with an upgraded 200-hp electric motor.

The standard new Nissan Leaf’s electric engine develops 147 hp. The top version will have 200 hp. Why do the Japanese want to increase the power of the electric motor?

The answer to this question is very simple. The fact is that the Leaf E-Plus will have a more powerful lithium-ion battery than the standard version, so it can travel more on a single charge. Naturally, the more powerful the battery, the more it weighs. To compensate for weight gain, the Leaf E-Plus needs a more powerful electric motor.

The expected E-Plus’s driving range is about 321 km. In the standard version this figure is 243 km. As we can see, the increase is considerable. True, now automakers are developing electric cars with much better characteristics.

Mr. Maragno has not reveal when the Nissan Leaf E-Plus goes on sale. He said only that it would be a 2019 model. So, its official premiere will be held soon. Since Nissan will miss the Paris Motor Show, the Leaf E-Plus may debut in November at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

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