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TOP 5 Cars Supposed To Fail But Proved To Be Successful

We propose our readers the TOP 5 cars supposed to fail but proved to be successful. They came in the time not the best for their arrival and risked not to meet the demand. The models are good in many terms, but customers looked the other way, segments they entered seemed to be exhausted.

Kia Ceed

The first generation car turned out to be simple and pleasant. The second-generation hatchback acquired European manners and a higher level of quality.

We know the Kia Ceed (pictured above) as a reliable and practical car. Now Kia brings to the market the third generation model. Isn’t it a proof of its success in the modern world, where compact crossovers rule?

Peugeot 508

Let’s remember the Peugeot 407. That car looked unusual and had some technical peculiarities, but could gain popularity among a relatively wide range of motorists. The Peugeot 508 came to replace it and turned out to be much more harmonious. It arrived with a delay, when the market situation changed and the demand for sedans began falling.

The 508 for a long time has been among the segment sales leaders in Europe. Will the new generation repeat the success of the predecessor?

Peugeot 508

Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe

We still remember how the BMW X6’s arrival in 2008 stirred up the public. Interestingly, many reputable automakers doubted the idea, even observing the success of sales of the Bavarian coupe-like SUV. Today they all work on their own coupe crossovers.

Mercedes-Benz was quicker than others and introduced the GLE and GLC coupes. By that time BMW had already offered a compact X4 and, it seemed to take all possible niches. Nevertheless, Mercedes-Benz GLE feels great in the market.

Audi has already joined ‘this party’, soon Porsche will do it. Land Rover and Bentley are thinking about their coupe SUVs, as well as many other carmakers.

Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe

Ford Mustang

in today’s world, where electric vehicles and renewable energy sources are popular, muscle cars lose relevance. There are many factors that play against the legendary Mustang, but people do not lose interest to it.

The Ford’s European division as never before influenced today’s Mustang. It got a range of more environmentally friendly but less voracious engines, as well as the most elegant design in its history. All this served to increase the popularity of the car on the European market.

Ford Mustang

Subaru Ascent

The new seven-seat Subaru Ascent replaced the Subaru Tribeca developed for the North American market, where large SUVs have always been popular. The model, in the opinion of buyers, looked rather strange, and restyling couldn’t help.

It seemed Subaru would not catch up the rivals which had created new or updated previous-generation family SUVs.

Subaru Ascent

When the company presented the Ascent, it turned out to be a success. Practical features (like cupholders) and correct flirting with the target audience have borne fruit: almost everyone who goes to the Subaru showrooms in the US buys exactly the Ascent.

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