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Don’t Rush to Sell: TOP 10 Used Vehicles with Growing Value

Find here the TOP 10 rating of used vehicles you should not sell due to a significant increase in their value.

The compilers used their own database of thousands of vehicle history reports.

TOP 10 includes:

1. Alfa Romeo GTV (1993 – 2004)

The Alfa Romeo GTV Coupé came with 4- or 6-cylinder gasoline engines. The latter – the Busso unit – was particularly appreciated. It mainly contributed to significant price growth for the model. Today, cars in good order cost more than €30,000 ($35,500).

2. Audi V8 (1988 – 1993)

Before the introduction of the Audi A8, an elegant Audi V8 sedan with an 8-cylinder engine was the company’s flagship for a short time. Some more powerful models were equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission.

The Audi V8 is the important model that laid the foundation for today’s Audi as a premium car manufacturer and a direct competitor to BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Moreover, the Audi V8 is much less common than other analogs, so its price has begun rising.

3. BMW 540i (1992 – 1996)

For decades, the 5 Series has been at the forefront of the luxury sedan class. The E34 generation managed to take an intermediate place between an older and more expensive E28 and E39.

The 8-cylinder version was available for several years. It is rare in Europe and even rarer in the US than the BMW M5 of similar power. The 540i is cheaper than the BMW M5, but this won’t last long.

4. Jaguar XK8 (1996 – 2006)

The XK8 debuted in the 1990s. Jaguar produced the model in coupe and convertible body styles. The XK8 offered several engine choices, additional comfort options, and raised the bar in terms of quality, technology, and value.

A well-maintained car costs no less than 15,000 – 20,000 euros today ($17,760 -23,680), although the Jaguar XK-R is even more expensive.

5. Land Rover Defender (Series I, Series II)

Land Rover developed the first generations of the Defender SUV as a versatile, practical off-road vehicle for those involved in agriculture.

Today, the price of the well-maintained Series I and Series II ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 euros. Refurbished or low-wear vehicles often cost around €30,000 ($35,500).

6. Mercedes-Benz E300, E320, E420 (1992 – 1996)

Mercedes-Benz produced more than 2 million W124 cars over a fairly long production period. Well-maintained models cost good money today.

The 500E or E500 is the most valuable W124, but the E300, E320, and E420 have the potential to be a collector’s tidbit.

7. Saab 9000 CS Aero (1993 – 1997)

In this model, Saab has prioritized passenger safety while delivering the power of exceptional turbocharged engines.

The Saab 9000 CS Aero was introduced at the end of production and is considered the highlight of the Saab 9000 series. It symbolizes the end of the remarkable model’s history. The Saab 9000 CS Aero is a rare car and a great investment.

8. Toyota Land Cruiser (J80, J100)

The owners claim the Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the best SUVs in the world.

The J80 combined simplicity with everyday usability. The J100 was significantly more luxurious, designed for long-distance travel, but equally talented off-road.

Many additional options allow J80 and J100 owners to benefit from high residual values. Even worn-out examples can cost up to 40,000 euros ($47,360).

9. Volkswagen Corrado VR6 (1991 – 1995)

The Volkswagen Corrado VR6 has an unusual appearance, a unique engine, and a commendable balanced suspension.

In recent years, the cost of the 6-cylinder version has started to rise significantly, and this trend is expected to continue.

10. Volvo 740 Turbo (1986 – 1990)

In the 1980s, the Volvo 740 Turbo proved it could be as fast as the Porsche 924.

The Volvo 740 Turbo’s ability to combine practicality with breathtaking performance makes it an example of a model whose value is and will be growing.

Investing in cars is still a concept that not everyone understands. With a good understanding of the used car market, investments can provide a decent return in a short time.

To check the vehicle’s history before buying it, the carVertical website, which has kindly provided us with this rating, can help.

Upper picture: 2003 Alfa Romeo GT

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