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TOP 10 U.S. Best-Sellers in 2021:  Pickups and SUVs Again

In contrast to the diversity of the European market, the U.S. car market is more conservative. Admittedly, Americans are very constant and have been choosing the same models for years. The year 2021 is no exception.

The TOP 10 U.S. best-sellers of last year included the Ford F-Series (726,004 sales), RAM Pickup (569,388 sales) and Chevy Silverado (529,765 sales), followed by the Toyota RAV4 (407,739 sales), Honda CR-V (361,271 sales), Toyota Camry (313,795 sales), Nissan Rogue (285,602 sales), Jeep Grand Cherokee (264,444 sales), Toyota Highlander (264,128 sales), and Honda Civic (263,787 sales). SUVs dominate, and this is not news, but a global trend.

Toyota, Ford, and Chevrolet are leading brands in the USA in 2021.

The Canadian leaders among models are almost the same as in the US: the difference is only in the places they took, and in the fact that Canada’s TOP 10 included the GMC Sierra and Hyundai Kona.

The sale results are as follows: Ford F-Series (116,402 sales), RAM Pickup (73,477 sales), Toyota RAV4 (61,933 sales), GMC Sierra (53,757 sales), Honda CR-V (50,935 sales), Honda Civic (43,556 sales), Toyota Corolla (40,020 sales), Chevrolet Silverado (36,419 sales), Hyundai Kona (31,101 sales), and Nissan Rogue (29,927 sales).

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