TOP 10 Most Preferred Compact SUVs In Germany

2021 Volkswagen Tiguan image

Compact SUV are popular in Germany for road trips. Deutsche Welle has compiled the TOP 10 most in demand ones.

According to the latest surveys of the motorists in this country, they prefer SUVs of European brands: 8/10 in the top list, moreover, 5 out of 10 are local German ones.

10th place – BMW X3

2022 BMW X3 image
2022 BMW X3

Neither small nor cheap (4.7 m long, €45,000), developed in Germany and assembled in the USA, it is quite popular. 13,507 BMW X3s were registered from January to June 2019.

9th place – Dacia Duster

2022 Dacia Duster image
2022 Dacia Duster

The SUV is 4.3 m long, its base price is just €11,000. Fuel economy figures are not very different from those of rivals. In the first half of 2019, 13,908 buyers chose this model (mostly individuals). In the commercial segment, the share of the Dacia Duster is only 15%.

8th place – Ford Ecosport

2018 Ford EcoSport image
2018 Ford EcoSport

Modernization and restyling made two years ago have paid off now: sales of the model leaped in H1. The Ford Ecosport is 4.1 m long.14, 664 vehicles were registered in Germany. This is 64% more than in the same period last year.

7th place – Seat Ateca

2020 Seat Ateca image
2020 Seat Ateca

The compact Ateca SUV from VW Group-owned SEAT can boast 14,957 registrations from January to June (+40%).

6th place – Skoda Karoq

2018 Skoda Karoq image
2018 Skoda Karoq

The Skoda Karoq SUV has quickly become a best-seller in Germany: 15,599 registrations (+54%). This is not surprising: the starting price of €22,500 is relatively low for a 4.4-meter SUV. The Skoda brand, we remind, belongs to VW Group.

5th place – Mercedes-Benz GLC

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC image
2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC

With a length of 4.7 m, the GLC cannot be called compact, at least, for Europe. The base price of €46,000 fits more to a mid-range SUV. 17,018 new Mercedes GLCs were purchased in the first six months of 2019 – 16% less than in 2018.

4th place – Ford Kuga

2020 Ford Kuga image
2020 Ford Kuga

This compact SUV costs around €24,000. However, despite its affordable price, only 19,573 sales were recorded (-16%).

There is nothing surprising: customers are waiting for the arrival of the third-generation Ford Kuga. It’ll happen this year.

3rd place – BMW X1

2020 BMW X1 image
2020 BMW X1

This model has no refined exterior, but its interior and trunk are spacious enough, so the vehicle is convenient for traveling. The BMW X1 is a budget SUV. 20,281 registrations in Germany, a 17 percent increase over the same period last year.

2nd place – Volkswagen T-Roc

2020 Volkswagen T-Roc image
2020 Volkswagen T-Roc

It is 4.2 m long like the VW Polo hatchback. Fine design, the most innovative look of all cars in the range, according to some experts. 31,302 T-Roc sales in the mentioned period.

1st place – Volkswagen Tiguan

2021 Volkswagen Tiguan image
2021 Volkswagen Tiguan

According to Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (Federal Motor Vehicle Office), every fourth SUV sold in Germany is the Volkswagen Tiguan.

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