TOP 10 Best Selling Cars of All Time: Toyota Corolla Heads the List

Toyota Corolla 2020 фото

If to look back at the best-selling models of the automotive market throughout history, some may seem surprising, and some are predictable. The Toyota Corolla has occurred to be the Number One in the TOP 10 all-time best-sellers.  

Autocar has done a great job: the editors have made the ranking of the biggest selling vehicles ever. The list includes 63 cars, but here we’re mentioning just the first 10 out of 63. We are not surprised by the presence of the Toyota Corolla and the Ford F-Series on the list, but the fact the Lada is also here is a surprise for us.

Lada Riva photo
Lada Riva / VAZ 2105 / Nova
Oldsmobile Cutlass photo
Oldsmobile Cutlass

Well, the TOP 10 Best Selling Cars of all time are the following:

  1. Toyota Corolla, 1966-present, 46 million
  2. Ford F-Series, 1948-present, 43 million
  3. Volkswagen Golf, 1974-present, 35.5 million
  4. Honda Civic, 1972-present, 20 million
  5. Opel Corsa/Vauxhall, 1982-present, 18.6 million
  6. Lada Riva, also known as the VAZ 2105 and Nova, 1980-2015, 18 million
  7. Renault Clio, 1991-present, 15 million
  8. BMW 3 Series, 1975-present, 13.7 million
  9. Hyundai  Elantra, 1990-present, 13.7 million
  10. Oldsmobile Cutlass, 1961-1999, 11.9 million
Hyundai Elantra photo
Hyundai Elantra Sedan
Toyota Corolla photo
Toyota Corolla is the best-seller of all time

This ranking is relative, of course, given that the periods of time the models are on the market are different: some vehicles are older, some are younger, and some are already discontinued. For example, we don’t know how many sales the Volkswagen Golf could boast if it had been on sale not since 1974 but since 1948 like the F-Series….Maybe, it would even be ahead of the Corolla, who knows…

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