Three Famous Minivans Passed A Series Of Interesting Crash Tests

Three Famous Minivans Passed A Series Of Interesting Crash Tests

The US Insurance Institute for Higway Safety (IIHS) conducted a series of interesting crash tests. The results depend on a vehicle’s impact side.

Usually vehicles are crashed by the driver’s side. This time the passenger side was chosen for testing, that affected the results.

IIHS has been tested cars in such a way since 2017. The Honda Odyssey, Chrysler Pacifica and Toyota Sienna (pictured above) minivans were selected to be testees this time.

The Honda passed the test the best. Experts awarded it a G (Good) rating, only the deformation of the power structure was still rated by A (Acceptable). Moreover, the Honda Odyssey was the only one of the three with the highest rating for child restraint systems.

2017 Chrysler Pacifica

The Chrysler Pacifica ‘crashed’ a little worse, the score was lowered for excessive deformation of the safety cage.

2018 Honda Odyssey

The results of the Toyota occurred unexpected! Toyota has already refined its Sienna minivan, but just on the driver’s side. So, the deformation of the body on the right was so large that IIHS awarded the model with P (Poor).

It can be seen on the picture: left – Toyota Sienna, right –  Honda Odyssey.

Airbags worked well, and the main danger was the front panel: it moved so close to the knees that  even touched them.

As a result, the Honda and Chrysler were awarded the prestigious title for the safest models – Top Safety Pick. But they failed to win the highest Top Safety Pick+ rating due to relatively poor lighting.

The Toyota Sienna will have to upgrade the body to perform better in the next crash tests.

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