The World’s Largest Collection Of Classic Ford Models Has Been Sold For 6 Million Euros

The World’s Largest Collection Of Classic Ford Models Has Been Sold For 6 Million Euros

The private Den Hartogh Museum auctioned at Bonhams a collection of 220 Ford cars produced in the beginning and middle of last century. All 300 lots were sold out, and sales revenue was nearly 6.2 million euros.

The collection of Pitt Den Hartog was distinguished by a variety of standard cars, special versions, commercial vehicles, Ford buses, fire trucks, racing cars. It is considered to be the largest private collection of classic models in the world, and not surprisingly the auction attracted more than 500 buyers from all over the world.

Bidding lasted 10 hours. 300 lots were fully sold out. The amounts received many times exceeded the estimated value of cars. Buyers spent 6,157,353 euros (about 7.2 million dollars).

1906 Ford Model K

The most expensive lot of the auction was the Ford Model B manufactured in 1905. The bids for it became the longest, the final amount was 419,750 euros (about 488,000 dollars), that is, 7 times more expensive than its estimated value. The second most expensive lot was the Ford Model K. It was sold for 345,000 euros.

1928 Ford Model AA Popcorn truck

A snowmobile based on the Ford Model A produced in 1930 also attracted much attention. Its estimated value was 20,000-30,000 euros, the car was sold for 87,400 euros (more than 100,000 dollars).

1930 Ford Model A Snowmobile

The Dan Hartog Museum featured over 200 exhibits. Interestingly, its own employee truckers often helped in finding Ford classic cars for the collection. They fixed the location of old Fords seen in the way, photographed them and informed Den Hartogue.

1905 Ford Model B

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