The Tesla Pickup Truck Will Park And Lower The Doors On Its Own

The Tesla Pickup Truck Will Park And Lower The Doors On Its Own

Elon Musk has revealed some details about the electric pick-up Tesla. The standard equipment of the Tesla pickup truck will include a dual-motor all-wheel drive with a very high ‘crazy’ torque and a special suspension that dynamically adjusts for load.

The massive electric vehicle’s insane towing capacity will be up to 150 tons. In addition, the cargo platform door will rotate on the hinged quadrangle, and also drop to the ground. The pickup can park on its own and will receive a set of sensors with a 360-degree view.

The vehicle will have a six-seater cabin and 400-500 mile (644-805 km) driving range thanks to ‘more space for batteries’.

The information that Tesla will launch an electric pickup truck appeared in December 2017. This was confirmed by Musk himself, when he answered a question from one of the Twitter users.

The exact date was not called, but it was reported it would happen after launching the series of compact Model Y SUV. According to preliminary information, the all-terrain vehicle will make its debut in March next year.

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