The Tesla Model S Set A Record For Run

The Tesla Model S Set A Record For Run

The Tesla Model S 90D, called the eHawk and owned by Tesloop, which offers car rental services, has already traveled more than 640,000 kilometers (400,000 miles). Tesla has become an electric car with the largest officially registered mileage in the world.

The car passes about 27,000 kilometers a month. For the entire driving period (3 years), front-wheel drive was replaced and batteries were changed twice.

Moreover, in the record-holder Tesla they calibrated the roof hatch once, replaced the driver’s door assembly tires several times.

Tesloop charges its cars only at SuperCharge stations (fast charging) and almost always – completely, although the automaker recommends charging up to 95%.

Basically, the eHawk moves around the suburban roads, so 90% of the run occurs using autopilot.

By the way, the car is further planned to use, especially since Tesla gives the Model S an 8-year warranty.

Source: Auto-Consulting

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