The Production Of The World’s Cheapest Car Ended Because Of Low Demand

Tata, the Indian car maker, ceased producing its Tata Nano city car, the cheapest in the world which costs near $2,250. Officially it was sold only in India.

While the Indian car market grows, the demand for this car with a 625 cc 2-cylinder 36-hp engine falls fast: just one unit was sold in June 2018, a 274 unit decrease on June 2017.

Experts claim this is a sample of rising expectation of Indian consumers. The compact 4-door ‘people’s’ Tata  Nano with the length of just 2.2 meters is half shorter than the well sold Ford Focus.

The manufacturer does not plan to return the Nano to production so far, but its evolved version arrival could not be excluded.

Source: Autocar

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