The Priciest Ever BMW Crossover May Arrive In 2020


According to rumors, BMW will launch one more flagship crossover – BMW X8 – which can be the priciest model of the brand.

The X8 codenamed G09 will be a four-seater (the third row of seats is questionable), with the same underpinnings of the BMW X7 (pictured), but not a coupe-like, and not an oversized variant of the X6.

 It will probably share engines with the X7, and even a 6.6-liter 610-hp V12 cannot be excluded.

We expect the BMW G09 X8 to be a more luxurious vehicle with bespoke finish and definitely the most expensive in the lineup, which surpasses even the i8 Roadster hybrid sports car. It will sit between the BMW X7 and Rolls-Royce Cullinan and is targeted to customers who seek for ultimate luxury.

The high-level X7 cost $122,425 for today. The X8 will be pricier. It will cost over $139,350 of the Alpina B7 and $147,500 of the BMW i8 Coupe.  BMW’s M760i ($156,700) and i8 Roadster ($163,300) are also cheaper than the forthcoming BWM X8.

Source: BMWBlog

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