The New Volkswagen Transporter T7 Will Get A Hybrid Version

An early prototype of the popular new generation Volkswagen Transporter van has been spied during the tests in Germany, according to autoevolution.  It’s about the first photos of the T7 version – a mule in which the hybrid powertrain is being tested.

The car maker is checking a new running gear in the old body. Carparazzi argue that the van first moved in a purely electric mode, and then the internal combustion engine connected.

Today VW has two hybrid models – the Golf GTE and Passat GTE. The latter, by the way, is sold very well. That is, the engineers of Volkswagen are experienced in development of combined powertrains.

It’s still unknown which system the Transporter T7 gets. Even the variant of a diesel-electric system with a new 2.0-liter engine is not excluded.

A plug-in version is being tested in the test mule.There is a recharging port next to the door and one more above the left rear wheel.

Generally speaking, the vans are good for electrification thanks to their dimensions. But do they really need hybrid powertrains? If the vehicle works in a city – yes, of course, but on the highway the economy compared with diesel engines is rather controversial.

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