The New Toyota Supra Will Be The Brand’s Last Non-electrified Sports Coupe

The upcoming Toyota Supra will be as rigid as the Lexus LFA supercar and is the last non-electrified sports coupe of the brand.

According to Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada, no carbon fiber is used in the car. So, the price will remain affordable due to a specific ratio of wheelbase and track. The wheelbase is shorter and the track is wider than the Toyota 86’s. The engineers gave the Supra a specific driving balance and lower center of gravity.

The model has been developed for 6 years, since 2012, twice longer than the normal 3-year cycle for vehicle development. Tada supposes some classic AE86 models owners may criticize the new car. It is not an easy thing to create traditional sports cars now due to tougher regulations.

So, the new Supra will be the last such Toyota for those who like to hear how a pure petrol engine at high revs sounds.

2020 Toyota Supra
The new Toyota Supra

Previously Toyota confirmed the new Supra would be offered with 4- and inline-6-cylinder motors. It weighs around 1,500 kg and will have a high-tech interior.

Source: Motor1 

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