The Most Powerful Audi Car Has Got The Porsche’s Panamera Turbo Powertrain

The most powerful production car of Audi will enter the market next year and compete with the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63. This is a large SUV based on the RS Q8 concept of 2017, which flashed through spy photos, the Autocar informs.

The car got a petrol eight-cylinder twin-turbo engine paired with an electric motor in the Turbo S E-Hybrid powertrain, inherited from the Porsche Panamera.

The V8 develops 550 hp and 770 Nm of torque, plus 136 hp and 400 Nm are added by the electric unit. The transmission is a twin-clutch automatic one. The total output is 680 horsepower (850 Nm of torque).

The car can pass about 44 km only on electric traction thanks to the lithium-ion battery located under the trunk floor. If to switch to a sports mode, the RS Q8 accelerates to 100 kmh  (62 mph) in 4 seconds.

For comparison: the rivalling Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 with a motor of 585 hp and the BMW X6 M with a 575-horsepower engine will need 4.2 seconds to accelerate to a ‘hundred’, and the Range Rover Sport SVR – 4.3 seconds. All of them are equipped with the pure-combustion turbo V8 powertrain.

As the largest Audi model the Q8 has received a height-adjustable sports adaptive air suspension and  Quattro four-wheel drive. However, in standard versions there are no active 48 V anti-roll bars, since this technology is not needed on a car with a relatively low roofline (for its class).

The 48-volt system can be useful for the faster RS ​​Q8, for greater stability in the corners. The VW Group applies this technology on some premium models, the Bentley Bentayga, for instance.

Audi RS Q8

Four-wheel steering is an option for the standard Aud Q8, but it can become the base for the sports RS Q8 version – for better maneuverability and stability at high speeds.

The Audi RS Q8  hybrid SUV will be the most high-performance vehicle not only for Audi, but also within the Volkswagen Group, and is ahead even the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and Lamborghini Urus, although hybrid versions of these two will for certain be more potent than the RS Q8.

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