The MINI Electric’s Serial Version Will Share The Powertrain With The BMW i3

MINI’s first series electric car will debut in 2019. The new car will likely receive the same powertrain as the BMW i3 compact van.

The MINI Electric Concept (pictured) was presented last year and caused an interest of specialists and consumers. Today, it is officially announced that the trade version will be on sale in 2019.

The manufacturer reveals details about the electric MINI step by step. In particular, it will borrow its engine, transmission and battery from the BMW i3. The next generation of the latter, by the way, is also being prepared for production.

It’s too early to say about the MINI Electric specifications, but the car is expected to acceparate to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds. The autonomy reserve will be 185 miles (about 300 km).

The MINI EV will now have direct rivals, at least initially. The BMW i3 from the parent company is, rather, a compact van.

The rest of the popular electric cars today sit either in other price categories (the Renault Zoe), or in other segments (Tesla models). The Volkswagen e-Golf, for example, is larger in size and not premium, and a two-seater Smart Fortwo ED is even smaller than the MINI Electric.

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