The Authorities In Ireland Want To Ban Vehicles With ICE

The Irish authorities have announced their intention to ban sales of vehicles with any internal combustion engine in the country, regardless of the type of fuel. True, it won’t happen so soon, but after the introduction of the ban Ireland is going to join the cleanest countries in Europe, the Autocar reports.

Prime Minister of Ireland Leo Varadkar has informed of it. This step will require profound changes in the country’s customary life and will be impossible without the support of society and individuals. It is still unknown whether the ban will touch upon hybrid cars or only petrol and diesel-powered ones – the United Kingdom plans to take such a step in the near future.

Initially, the country was going to abandon cars with ICE since 2040, but an initiative group of mayors of several cities suggested speeding up and ban since 2030. However this initiative has not found support from the authorities yet.

Similar restrictions are planned to be introduced in several other countries, such as India, China (some areas), California (USA). In Germany, in Hamburg and Stuttgart in particular, the authorities are just going to close the entry of diesel-powered vehicles to the city centers.

In Norway they first wanted to ban sales cars with ICE since 2025, but then switched to another strategy – incentives for local electrified vehicle owners.

Photo: 2018 Nissan Leaf EV

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