The 2019 Ford Ranger Will Have A New Unique Technology

The 2019 Ford Ranger Will Have A New Unique Technology

The 2019 Ford Ranger will have an innovative unique-for-pickup-segment technology. It is about BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with an extended radar coverage area, Ford informs.

Towing large-sized trailers – motorhomes, platforms with yachts or off-road vehicles – requires increased attention and is complicated by the fact that a significant part of the trailer and the road next to it remains out of sight of the driver.

Two additional sensors built directly into the pickup’s rear lights track the space on the sides of the trailer along its entire length. The system alerts about the presence of the vehicle in the blind area of the trailer until this car overtakes the Ford Ranger.

The system provides three different profile settings depending on the length of the trailer. The driver indicates the trailer’s length so that the electronics “know” how far back the system monitoring zone should extend.

The BLIS system on the Ford Ranger works regardless of whether the vehicle tows a trailer. If the Ford Ranger moves without the trailer, the side mirrors show a signal about finding the car in the blind zone near the pickup truck.

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