Tesla’s Sentry Mode Helps Prevent Vandalism: a Case from Las Vegas

Tesla’s Sentry Mode Helps Prevent Vandalism: a Case from Las Vegas

Sentry Mode used in Tesla vehicles once again proved its usefulness, when it caught a pair of young vandals.

In 2019, Tesla launched Sentry Mode along with Dog Mode.

Sentry Mode, we remind, is a dashcam recording the surroundings. It is designed to protect a Tesla vehicle from potential or real threats.

In the video below, two guys tried to get into a Tesla Model 3 parked in Las Vegas but were unlucky, as Sentry Mode’s cameras captured them. Thus, silly behavior made them YouTube stars.

One of those individuals first attempted to open the car’s door, but to no avail. His companion tried to pull the charging cable out and then pushed the charger port area in a hope to dislodge the handle.

Before they left, the car got kicks from them, and the security system went off.

Sentry Mode has an Alarm state and an Alert state. In the Alarm state, the center display turns itself up to 100% brightness, and the Tesla begins playing music at full volume.

10 minutes before an incident, the Tesla car begins recording, so its owner can share the video with authorities. The vehicle also alerts the owner via a companion app.

Dog Mode allows keeping pets safe, when they are left in a climate-controlled cabin. It also displays a notice to passersby.

When someone or something bumps or leans on the car, it enters the Alert state, a more troubling, privacy-wise one. The vehicle starts to record video, the center display warns about this.

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