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Tesla Won’t Introduce New Models in 2022 But Focus On Self-Driving

Tesla won’t introduce new models this year, namely the Cybertruck, Semi, and Roadster, Elon Musk informed during an earnings call.

The Cybertruck, Semi, and Roadster are delayed to 2023, as Tesla won’t introduce new models in 2022, according to Car and Driver.

So, the reservation holders, already forced to wait more than they expected, will have to watch for their desired vehicles even longer. Moreover, a $25,000 Tesla Model 2 announced by the company in 2020 won’t arrive too. Currently, it is not in the pipeline.

The carmaker is doing many engineering and tooling on the Tesla Cybertruck, Semi, Roadster, and a robotic Optimus to bring them to production next year. The priority of Tesla for the year 2022 lies in introducing Full Self-Driving tech rather than expanding the model lineup.

Well, Tesla intends to implement more new technologies into the Cybertruck and needs more time for this. The question is how many reservation holders are ready to wait.

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