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Tesla Will Build a Traditional Pickup To Replace Cybertruck, If It Flops

Elon Musk doesn’t worry that the Tesla Cybertruck sales can fail, and has a backup plan.

In his interview with Automotive News, Tesla CEO has told of what they will do if the Cybertruck isn’t as successful on the market as we could expect by the initial reaction the vehicle provoked.

The Cybertruck already gathered thousands of deposits. Its debut broke the Internet, the model is the star of automotive world, indeed…

But all this popularity happened before the truck arrival at the market and hitting the road. Before to create the Cybertruck, Tesla didn’t actually do any market research.

I just wanted to make a futuristic battle tank — something that looks like it could come out of Blade Runner or Aliens or something like that but was also highly functional.

Musk says.

If the Cybertruck flops, the American carmaker will sell a more conventional electric pickup instead, he promises.

…If it turns out nobody wants to buy a weird-looking truck, we’ll build a normal truck, no problem.

Tesla boss also points out that the Cybertruck isn’t aimed at traditional pickup buyers. The market launch will be next year, and we’ll see how close the production model is to the preview prototype.

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