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Tesla Wants To Use In-Car Millimeter Wave Technology

Tesla is asking the Federal Communications Commission for permission to use higher power levels for its sensors to check whether kids or other occupants left in the cabin.

Similar millimeter wave technology is already used at airports. It allows seeing through cloth and soft surfaces and detecting micro-movements like heartbeats or breathing.

Why does the company need this? For safety and security benefits, first of all.

Last year, 52 children in the USA were left in vehicles and died of heatstroke. Several automakers have already introduced rear-seat sensors to remind drivers to see the back seat before leaving the car.

Being a supporter of innovations, Tesla wants to go further. It petitioned the FCC to allow using higher-level millimeter-wave sensors that provide depth perception and scanning up to 6.6 feet outside a car.

This system is able to differentiate between a child and an object left on the seat, and can also serve to define if a seatbelt alarm needs to alert the driver.

Tesla wants to put four transmit and three receive antennas and a radar front end in its vehicles.

It is not known yet, if the FCC will approve Tesla’s request.

Source: Car and Driver

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