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Tesla Updates the Model 3: New Wheels, Finishes, Features, More Range

Tesla has made a mid-cycle refresh of the Model 3. It is priced between $39,190 and $56,190 now.


The exterior updates include new black trim for door handles, turn signals and window trim.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance offers new standard 20-inch “Überturbine” wheels; 18- and 19-inch wheels available for other grades got new designs.

In the cabin, Tesla revised the center console. The sill plates, door handles, seat controls, and window buttons are newly trimmed.

The sun visors now snap into place magnetically. A power trunklid and wireless charging pads for smartphones are also new.


The Model 3 Standard Range Plus has the range of 263 miles now: this is an increase of 13 miles compared to the previous model.

The Long Range trim level offers 353 miles (plus 31 miles), and the range-topping Performance cars can boast 315 miles (plus 16 miles).


Pricing starts from $39,190 for the Standard Range Plus, and goes up to $56,190 for the Performance version.

The options customers can have at extra pay are the same as before. The 19-inch wheels cost $1500. Red color is $2000 extra, other colors add $1000 to the price tag. A white interior is $1000.

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Capability is $8000. A fully-packed Model 3 with all possible extras costs $67,190.


The refreshed Tesla Model 3s will reach their new owners in 5-9 weeks.

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