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Tesla Tops the List of Most Liked Brands, Infiniti Is in the Bottom

Consumer Reports has published its latest rankings of most and least liked brands based on owner satisfaction survey.

The results came from the 2020 Annual Auto Surveys on 369,000 vehicles of the 2018 to 2020 model years, plus a few 2021 models.

CR’s editors asked owners whether they’d purchase the same car again, then they sorted those responses by vehicle brand, and presented them by overall brand average.

The rating factors include driving, comfort, in-car electronics, cabin storage, value.

Tesla tops the list again (its score is 88), followed by Lincoln (79), Ram and Chrysler (76), Subaru and Hyundai – 75 scores each, Porsche and Dodge (74). This is the TOP 5 Most Liked Brands.

The TOP 5 Least Liked Brands includes Infiniti (48 scores), Nissan (58), Cadillac (59), Buick (61), Mercedes (64).

Some brands have high scores for owner satisfaction but don’t rate well on other measures, such as reliability, for instance.

Moreover, it’s important to understand that the least satisfying brands or models are not necessarily the worst on the market. Rather, they haven’t lived up to expectations of customers.

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