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Tesla Told of New Way Of Making Batteries And Upcoming Model S Plaid

The 2020 Battery Day presentation took place yesterday. What did Mr. Musk tell about?

It was an outdoor event: the audience was sitting in Tesla cars and honking horns to demonstrate approval.

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk described a new, more efficient and cost-cutting way of battery production on a much larger scale.

He also told of a new method to design vehicles with a battery to be part of the structure.

In addition, a $25,000 passenger electric vehicle has been announced to come within 3 years.

Battery Production

Tesla’s plan includes halving the cost per kWh by building its own cells. The company will begin to produce cells in a pilot gigawatt factory at the Fremont, California.

The production would allow for a 10 times reduction in footprint and energy needed for manufacture.

In a year, Tesla wants to achieve the 10-GWh (gigawatt-hours) capacity, and plans the actual production of about 200 gigawatt-hours. The carmaker aims to get battery production at 100 GWh by 2022, and 3 WTh by 2030. The reduction equals an 18 percent in $/kW.

Tesla moves away from cobalt to nickel in manufacture of batteries. The process of cathode development becomes more efficient, with outgoings decrease by 75 percent, and using of zero waste water.

The price differential for nickel over cobalt is about 15 percent less in the cathode per dollar cost.

New More Optimal Structure

The Tesla Model Y has 79 fewer parts per vehicle due to a single piece casting for the body. The company saves 40 percent on the rear underbody, because it is made of a single piece of die-cast aluminum. Besides, Tesla has invented its own high-strength alloy.

The renewed Tesla battery will have an energy device, and be part of the car’s structure. This packs cells more densely and makes vehicles stiffer.

Elon Musk promises to provide a 10 percent mass cutting, 14 percent range increase, and 370 fewer parts in the cars.

In about 3 years, all innovations will result in a 56 percent drop in price per kWh, a 69 percent reduction of production cost. The long-term goal is 20 million vehicles annually.

Tesla Model S Plaid

During the Battery Day, Musk announced that the Model S Plaid was available to order. It will arrive in late 2021, with the price less than that of Tesla’s competitors. This may mean it’ll cost below the $150,000-plus Taycan Turbo. 

The range-topping sedan gains a top speed of 200 mph (322 km/h), accelerates from zero to 60 mph (97 km/h) in less than 2.0 seconds, and runs a quarter-mile distance in under 9.0 seconds.

Its driving range will exceed 520 miles (837 km). Recently the car did a 1:30.3 lap time at Laguna Seca Raceway.

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