Tesla Robotaxi May Appear On the Roads by 2024

Tesla Robotaxi: no steering wheel and pedals

Or may not… At least, the Tesla Robotaxi arrival in the next two years is one of Elon Musk’s latest promises.

The Tesla Robotaxi should have been ready back in 2020, but by today it continues to be a project without real implementation. So far… Nevertheless, during a recent first-quarter earnings call, Tesla’s CEO claimed they would begin the volume production of the robotaxi by 2024, Car and Driver reports.

This will be a futuristic-looking vehicle without pedals and a steering wheel but with the company’s Full Self-Driving software. That is, here we can talk about Level 5 autonomy. Currently, there are no vehicles of Level 5 autonomy on American roads, although a number of companies are working on their self-driving projects.

Tesla wants a ride in its robotaxi to be cheaper than a subsidized public bus or subway fare. It is not clear yet whether the Tesla Robotaxi will be on free sale or intended for dedicated transportation services. The problem of obtaining regulatory approval will have to be resolved as well.

The idea of robotaxi is nice, indeed, but Tesla still has some pending projects, like the Cybertruck, Semi, and Roadster, which would not hurt to bring to the final stage.

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