Tesla Presents Holiday Update: Brings New Sounds, Driving Visualization

Tesla updated its vehicle firmware. The 2020 Holiday Update dropped on Christmas Day like a present.

A driving visualization display now takes up a larger portion of Tesla’s infotainment screen. This is supposedly to support the Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta, once the company expands it next year.

Some updates are made to the Santa Mode: a Tesla vehicle is the big man’s sleigh when riding, the cars around are the reindeer. New games, including Solitaire, become available as well.

An interesting option is the Boombox mode. Owners of new Teslas equipped with an external “pedestrian [warning] speaker” can change a horn sound.

The sound choices vary from a usual beep to goat, applause, “La Cucaracha“, fart (works only while the vehicle is parked), and even a custom sound uploaded from a USB drive.

In addition, the system allows the vehicle to become a boombox, when not driving. This function means Tesla drivers can share the music from inside the car to the neighborhood, via the external speaker (however, others may not like it).

The sound played during remote maneuvers can be also changed via the Summon feature.

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