Tesla Owners Can Add Basic Autopilot For $2000 Until July 1

Elon Musk has twitted that a basic Tesla Autopilot via Tesla in-app purchase is available at $2,000 until July 1th, 2020.

This is an offering only for Tesla owners who don’t have this feature on their vehicles – bought them before Autopilot has become standard on all Teslas.

From July 1, the Full Self-Driving upgrade will cost $8,000 – this is a $1,000 increase compared to the previous price.

The additional FSD features available at extra pay include Navigate on Autopilot, automatic lane changing, auto parking, Summon, traffic light control.

Future self-driving capabilities will be added, and the FSD price will continue rising. By the end of 2020, Tesla plans to offer the service via subscription.

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