Tesla Optimized Pricing And Options for Model S And Model X

The base price for Tesla Model S and X has become higher. At the same time, the carmaker made some option changes for simpler offer placing.

Tesla refreshed its online design studio for Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X. The company raised base prices for both models. Moreover, several changes to the options occurred.

In October, Elon Musk promised to make updates in the X and S’s cabins to simplify offerings. Actually, changes touched on not only the interiors.

Briefly, some prices rose, some prices decreased. As for the options, some of them have become standard, others went away.

All this done “to simplify the product offerings and provide the best experience for customers”, according to Tesla.

New Pricing

The latest prices are the following:

  • $78,000 (up $1,000 from $77,000) for the Model S 75D;
  • $84,000 (up $1,000 from $83,000) for the Model X 75D;
  • $96,000 (down $500 from $96,500) for the Model S 100D;
  • $99,000 (down $500 from $99,500) for Model X 100D.


Interior changes touch on colors and materials.

Tesla Model S changes:

  • rear-facing child seats are gone: instead Tesla recommends customers with large families to get a Model X;
  • 21-inch Black Arachnid Wheels are not vailable anymore. They will be an aftermarket product only;
  • panoramic sunroof is gone. Like the Model 3, only the glass roof is now offered;
  • carbon fiber spoiler made standard on all the Model S P100D.

Tesla Model X changes:

  • the six-seat with center console configuration discontinued.

Single phase markets are moving from 72-amp to 48-amp charger for all variants of Model S and X. 3-phase markets will continue to get the 72-amp on-board charger.

Source: Electrek

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