Tesla Model Y Is Approaching the TOP 5 Global Car Bestsellers

Tesla Drops Entry-Level Model Y_photo

This year, the Tesla Model Y has a real chance to occur among the TOP 5 world’s best-selling vehicles.

Sales rankings of the Tesla Model Y are shaking up the world’s car market. Elon Musk predicted this when he said about the Model Y’s potential to become a global bestseller in revenue and volume. Musk believed in it – many were skeptical, but in fact, this could happen by the end of 2022, if we look at the figures.

According to BloombergNEF’s estimates, about 200,000 Model Ys were sold in Q3 2022, over 500,000 in three quarters, and 800,000 units will be likely sold by the end of this year – a great result for an EV, moreover, a luxury one.

Last year, the Toyota Corolla was the best-selling vehicle with 1.1 million sales – about two Corollas per minute. The RAV4 closely followed after (1 million sales), the Ford F-Series was the 3rd with 860,000 sales, Honda CR-V was the 4th (730,000 sales), and the Toyota Camry was the 5th (690,000 sales).

In 2022, the Tesla Model Y will almost certainly be among the TOP 5 best-selling passenger cars, if Tesla will be ramping up production at its Gigafactories.

We don’t believe the Model Y will be able to outsell the Corolla of RAV4, as it’s too hard for a non-mainstream car to reach the one million benchmark, but the Tesla SUV can challenge the F-Series at least.

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