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Tesla Model Y has Gone into Production, Deliveries by the End of Q1

Last month, Tesla started manufacture of the Model Y, a potential best-seller of the brand.

Reporting sales results of the 4th quarter 2019, Tesla unveiled a photo of the production-ready Model Y crossover.

SUVs / crossovers are gaining popularity and outselling sedans, so the newcomer with a claimed driving range of 304 miles (489 km), a high sitting position and more than enough cargo space has a real chance of great success.  

A long-range version of the Tesla Model Y will cover 315 miles (507 km) *EPA-rated, 35 miles (56 km) more than earlier estimates of 280 miles (451 km). Impressive, indeed… Elon Musk announces the Model Y’s efficiency of 4.1 mi/kWh.

The model went into production in January 2020 at Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California. Deliveries to customers begin by the end of the 1st quarter 2020.

The Model Y will not lack competitors. Among its rivals there is the Volvo XC40, the Ford Mach-e, the Fisker SUV.

*WLTP/EPA is approx. 1.121

Source: Car and Driver

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