Tesla Model X Vs Toyota Land Cruiser: Towing Capacities Compared

When people buy electric cars they wonder if such vehicles can tow, and how much range they eliminate while towing? Australian experts made an interesting comparison test of a Tesla Model X and a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Usually towing capacity is not the value rated for electric vehicles, as it is not their forte. But the Tesla Model X’s capacity is surprisingly rather high compared to some rivaling models. It can tow a reasonable ~5,000 pounds, that is enough in most cases.

Australian CarsGuide checked towing features of the Toyota Land Cruiser and compared it with the Tesla Model X capability. The Avida Wave Tourer Electric Pop-Top 17ft was used as a tow.

Tesla Model X Long Range
  • Price: $129,500;
  • Wheelbase: 2,965mm (9.73ft);
  • Output: 525hp, 487 lb-ft (660Nm);
  • Claimed acceleration 0-62mph (0-100km/h): 4.9 sec;
  • Brake tow rating: 2,250kg (4,960lb);
  • Kerb weight: 2,459kg (5,421lb );
  • Payload: 620kg (1,367lb).
  • Official range: 565km (NEDC) or 245.5 miles (EPA)
  • Official consumption: 17.7kW/100km

Leg 1 result (162km or 100.7 miles passed):

  • Unladen – 24.9kWh/100km;
  • Towing – 48.1kWh/100km;
  • Increase – 93%.

Leg 2 result (163km/101.3mi passed, way back):

  • Unladen – 17.9kWh/100km;
  • Towing –  38kWh/100km;
  • Increase – 112%.
Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 VX diesel
  • Price: $98,510;
  • Wheebase: 2,850mm (9.35ft);
  • Output: 272hp, 442.5 lb-ft (600Nm);
  • Kerb weight: 2,740kg (6,041lb);
  • Payload: 610kg (1,345lb);
  • Official combined consumption: 9.5l/100km

Leg 1 result:

  • Unladen – 11.84l/100km;
  • Towing – 19.1l/100km;
  • Increase – 61%.

Leg 2 result:

  • Unladen – 10.35l/100km;
  • Towing – 17.22l/100km;
  • Increase – 66%.

Overall average:

  Unladen Towing % Increase
Model X 21.4kWh/100km 43.05kWh/100km 101
Land Cruiser 11.01l/100km 18.16l/100km 63

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