Tesla Model S Turned Into a Pickup Inspired By Chevy El Camino

After a visit to a tuning studio, the Tesla Model S turned into a funny pickup truck named “Teslamino” in honor of the Chevrolet El Caminо from the 60s.

EV West, the tuning company from California, created a funny electric pickup based on the Tesla Model S. More precisely, the famous all-electric 5-door hatchback was remade to the pickup.

It looks rather strange and irrational, in our opinion. A customer who ordered this tuning was probably tired of waiting for the Tesla first pickup arrival which is still in development.

The tuners had to cut off half the roof and deprive EV of rear pillars and a tailgate. It is not clear how they preserved the body rigidity.

Having thrown out the rear row of seats, it was possible to free space for the cargo area on which two motorcycles can be placed. Moreover, the technicians put additional batteries under the bottom to increase total capacity by 16kWh.

But that’s not all. When electric bikes are transported, they can be recharged through a special connector.

The resulting pickup truck was named the Teslamino in honor of the once popular Chevrolet El Camino (upper picture).


This project has not been completed yet and needs refinement. Nevertheless, EV West did an impressive work. We wonder how a final version will look like.

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