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Tesla Model S Ran 750 Miles With a 207-kWh Prototype Battery

A Tesla Model S covered 752 miles on a single charge due to a prototype battery from a Michigan startup – Our Next Energy (ONE) Inc.

In December 2021, a modified Tesla Model S drove 752.2 miles, according to the odometer, without recharging across Michigan. The travel took 14 hours at low temperatures at the average speed of 55 mph, Car and Driver reports.

In another, less demanding test, the Model S was put on a dynamometer at a steady 55 miles per hour, and could run unbelievable 882 miles on a single charge.

ONE retrofitted the Tesla Model S with a 207.3-kWh battery prototype that held twice the energy of Tesla’s original 103.9-kWh battery, and wholly fitted within the same space. So, delivered consumption of the battery from ONE (in miles per kWh) roughly equals to that of the original battery, but it is far more energy-dense.

The very point of the test was to show that it is possible to pack much more energy into a battery of the same size as today’s one, and with no double-stacking a pair of packs (like in the case of the GMC Hummer EV).

The ONE team says their aim is to make more sustainable and safer batteries. The first product of the company called Aries will go into production in late 2022. This battery uses prismatic LFP (lithium-iron-phosphate) cells in a structural cell-to-pack architecture without separate modules. Then it will be evolved into a new battery, Gemini, which should go into production after 2023.

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