Tesla Model S Plaid Will Feature World’s Fastest Acceleration

Tesla Model S Plaid Will Feature World’s Fastest Acceleration_photo

Tesla has officially confirmed how fast the Model S Plaid can do a quarter-mile run.

On its website, the manufacturer shows 9.23 seconds as the time for the Tesla Model S Plaid to cover the quarter-mile distance at 155 mph (250 km/h). The vehicle with its 1,020 hp speeds up from zero to 60 mph time in 1.99 seconds.

These figures make the S Plaid the world’s quickest accelerating production vehicle, except for the Rimac Nevera whose 0-60 mpg sprint takes 1.85 seconds, and the quarter-mile run takes 8.6 seconds.

The Tesla Model S Plaid+should be almost as fast as the Rimac. The numbers for the S Plaid+ are not still unveiled, but they may well be below the 9.0-second mark during the quarter-mile acceleration.

However, in terms of price, these two are not comparable. The $2.45-million Rimac supercar is many times more expensive than the $119,990 Tesla Model S Plaid.

Source: InsideEVs

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